Episode 46: Brilliant Brioche and Terrific Tangzhong

In this episode I talked about my baking resolutions for 2022 and how I’m planning my baking year! I then talked about these two recipes…. Tangzhong: Believe the hype So, um, it’s 2022 and I’m only just saying this. BUT… King Arthur Flour’s pillow soft cinnamon rolls, which were their recipe of the year forContinue reading “Episode 46: Brilliant Brioche and Terrific Tangzhong”

Episode 44: German and Austrian Christmas Biscuits

Linzer Augen I used this recipe from Nigella, though I changed the proportions of flour and hazelnuts to 200g of each. This made it very sticky to roll out, so I’m not sure I’d recommend it, but it was delicious and they probably keep better. I couldn’t get hold of redcurrant jelly so I justContinue reading “Episode 44: German and Austrian Christmas Biscuits”

Episode 42: Delectable Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t believe THE perfect chocolate chip cookie exists – unless you can get magical ones that change according to your mood and particular tastes. Instead, there are different chocolate chip cookies for different moods and preferences. I’m not fussy and will scarf down any and all of these wonderful CCCs happily, but consider theseContinue reading “Episode 42: Delectable Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Episode 40: Here Today, Scone Tomorrow

Classic Scones, Cheese Scones, Fruited Scones Classic scones are basically a 4:1 or 3:1 ratio of flour to butter (by weight), with baking powder (or soda), a little sugar and enough milk added to make a dough. They’re a crumbly, flaky quick bread – achieved through not using as much liquid as a bread andContinue reading “Episode 40: Here Today, Scone Tomorrow”

Episode 38: The Whole Orange (Cake)

In this week’s episode, Kate talked about her recent fixation with whole orange cakes. Starting with this one from John Torode, which didn’t turn out quite how she wanted… (also, I forgot to take a picture – sorry!) Then on to the Best Whole Orange Cake recipe from Sunset Magazine, adapted by the team atContinue reading “Episode 38: The Whole Orange (Cake)”

Episode 36: The Quest for Perfect Chocolate Cake

There are still so many recipes I want to try, but these are all a good place to start! Ultimate Chocolate Cake from Tarunima Sinha This is a pretty damn good chocolate cake. Very slightly adapted from Tarunima Sinha, via Ravneet Gill’s Pastry Chef’s Guide. I’ve tried making it as a layer cake which alsoContinue reading “Episode 36: The Quest for Perfect Chocolate Cake”

Episode 34: Sweet on Strawberries: Sorbet, Gelato and More…

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries When making my beloved chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, I had some leftover chocolate. Not knowing what to do with it, I saw some strawberries in the freezer. I was surprised by how good this was. I liked the balance of using a pretty dark chocolate or a mix of dark and milk. The RiverContinue reading “Episode 34: Sweet on Strawberries: Sorbet, Gelato and More…”

Episode 33: Magnificent Mango (and much, much more) ft. Chef Kirsty Haigh

If he doesn’t appreciate your fruit puns, you better let that.. In this week’s episode I talk to Kirsty Haigh about why she became a chef, food memories, food education, working with young people and her favourite things to bake. Follow her on Instagram @kirstyehaigh and also follow and donate to Edinburgh Food Social! @edinburghfoodsocialContinue reading “Episode 33: Magnificent Mango (and much, much more) ft. Chef Kirsty Haigh”