Episode 27: Croissants, Pain au Chocolat and Blackcurrant Pastries

My first attempt at making these pastries! Please excuse the poor shaping and the under-bake on the croissants. ENTIRELY my fault for rushing!

I went back to my trusty copy of Crumb and the marvellous Ruby Tandoh for this! This dough you can use to make whatever breakfast pastries you like. I’m not going to write out the recipe as I didn’t make any changes. I thoroughly recommend buying her book, but otherwise here is her recipe republished. Here are my tips though if you decide to make this yourself!

  • Leave yourself plenty of time, take your time, and don’t rush. This is why some of my pastries were a bit underbaked.
  • Keep everything cold (until the second rise, or even through it if you choose to do this overnight)
  • Using instant/ fast-action yeast makes your life easier if you can get it
  • Read the instructions about shaping thoroughly. I find things like this really hard, maybe you won’t….
  • Pre-heat your oven really well so you get plenty of steam inside the pastries helping them rise nicely.
  • If you complete this, pat yourself on the back well done and enjoy. This really is a process!

Published by Kate

Home baker and now podcaster!

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