Episode 4: Just Because Pecan: Two Pecan Frangipane Pies

A sexy looking pecan frangipane pie

In this recipe Kate talks about the all-American pecan pie and why she decided to make pecan frangipane pies.

All-Butter Luxury Pecan Pie

Rub in 200g plain flour and 100g salted butter using your preferred method. Stir in 25g icing sugar. Bring together with tiny drops of cold water until you can squish it into a ball. Pat into a disc, cling film and refrigerate until cool but not totally solid!

Grease a 10 inch/ 25cm pie dish with butter. Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface with a floured rolling pin. Lift into the dish and lightly press it into place. Trim any excess.

Cut out a circle of baking paper slightly bigger than the dish. Screw this up then unscrew it. Place over the pastry. Weigh this down with granulated sugar, baking beans or dried pulses. Bake in a preheated moderate oven (gas 4/ 180C/ 160 fan/ 350F) for 15 minutes. Carefully remove the sugar and paper, prick with a fork in a few places and bake for a further 15 minutes. This ensures a crisp crust.

Whizz 150g pre-roasted pecans in a food processor. Beat 150g salted butter and 150g light brown sugar together and beat in two UK large eggs (120g). Stir in the ground nuts. Stir in a further 150g roughly chopped pre-roasted pecans. Dollop into the pie crust then top with pre-roasted pecan halves. Bake for c. 45 mins (check after 30) in a moderate oven (180C/ 160 fan/ gas 4 / 350F) until the frangipane is just set. (If the nuts start to catch place foil over the top loosely to stop them burning in the oven.) Leave to cool.

Once sliced, enjoy with whipped cream, clotted cream, ice cream… you get the picture!

Vegan Mini Pecan Frangipane Pies

Leave 320g bought rolled shortcrust pastry out of the fridge for at least 10 minutes.

Whizz up 200g pre-roasted pecans in the food processor until fine but not oily. Add 100g room temperature vegan baking butter (I used Naturli), a pinch of salt and 150g light brown soft sugar.

Grease 2 x 12 hole metal bun tins. (If you have one tin you can make these in two rounds, obviously.) Stamp out rounds slightly bigger than the holes in your bun tin. Press them lightly into position. Fill with 1 tsp frangipane mixture each. Refrigerate if you have time. Bake in a moderate-ish oven (gas 4.5/ 185C/ 360F) for about 20 minutes (check after 15) until the pastry is lightly golden.

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